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Unity Sourcing & Roasting

Colombia - Catiope

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Unity has been sourcing coffee from Laderas Del Tapias for more harvests than any other farm on our menu. We tend to contract very high-end coffee from this farm and this is no exception.

Catiope is an experimental, hybrid variety consisting of Castillo and Ethiopian heirlooms. While there are just a small handful of farms with this namesake variety, this is only one of two farms with 8 specific hybrid lines that are monitored in collaboration with the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia. Catiope could be the future of Colombian coffee, designed for disease resistance, high yield, and fruity flavor.

We have been watching this coffee grow since it was conceived 5 years ago. Last year we rejected this coffee due to phenol, making this year's harvest a much-anticipated offering! This machine-dried natural is winey and funky in the best of ways. Keep an eye on this one when dialing in, it’s a finicky one.