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Delagua Coffee Paradise Anaerobic Natural Typica

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NOTE: This is a preorder item - any other items in the same order as this coffee will be shipped out together. Once we have enough orders of Delagua Typica placed in order to roast a full batch, we will roast and ship (expected late June 2022).

PREORDER SPECIAL: This coffee is available for $32/6oz Canister while still in preorder.

Treat yourself to one of the best coffees on Earth. The Delagua Typica is an exceptionally rare offering; something special that warrants tasting and sharing with your loved ones.

This is a competition-level Anaerobic Natural Typica from the progressively minded Delagua Coffee Paradise in Colombia’s remote Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains.

Delagua is the sister project of La Palma y El Tucan, who has invested heavily in their land and coffees in order to produce truly stellar varietals year after year. They have Geshas & Typicas that have been grown with the aid of agronomists who offer some of the best land consultation and conservation processes on Earth. This Typica is considered competition-tier, scoring extremely well, fetching a very high price, and, in addition, most of the money from these efforts is reinvested at the farm level.

This Typica is among the first harvests to be grown by Delagua on their farm’s land. In previous harvests they purchased cherries from neighboring farmers and processed them with their new equipment in order to elevate cup scores, drive up prices paid to the farmers, and lower risk, all while not wasting any clean water.


We Taste: Dried Fruit Medley, Floral Bouquet, Tropical Sunsets 🍓💐🍍🌅