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Unity Sourcing & Roasting

Ethiopia - Dark Duro

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We don't always do a dark roast. But when we do, it's a sweet, clean, intense, vibrant, syruppy banger.

We chose one of our legacy producers, Duromina, as a year-round staple dark roasted offering. Initially available only as a custom private profile for wholesale customers, word of this long-and-slow roast eventually became public. 

The Kata Maduga Union is a group of cooperatives in Western Ethiopia that boast some of the most famous names in coffee. Duromina is one of the more notable collectives, noted for its consistency & cup quality. We visited two years ago with our importing partners, Crop to Cup. It’s amazing to find a coop run so incredibly well, producing excellent coffee, reinvesting in community, & providing never-ending smiles from managers to children alike.

We Taste: Thick Black Tea, Melon, Spices