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Unity Sourcing & Roasting

Guatemala - Villatoro Family

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Our deepest relationship coffee comes from a large family in Hoja Blanca, Huehuetenango, Guatemala.

Current lot: Las Cuevas Washed

Aurelio is one of the brightest stars in the coffee producing world. His smile is infectious, his drive for excellence is magnicifent. His brother, Juan, is a true coffee artist, outperforming most technology with his sixth sense for coffee production. Both brothers have children who are the absolute future of specialty coffee, with focuses on experimental processing, sample roasting, cupping, agronomy, & business. We buy as much of this family’s coffee as we can, staying true to our ideals of working more closely with less growers.

We Taste: Maple Syrup, Chocolate, Orange Zest


You can get this coffee in the rotating Roaster's Choice Subscription. You can also get some of their experimental coffee as part of the Rotating Fruity & Wild Microlot Subscription