• Coffee on your terms

    Get coffee as frequently as what fits your needs! You're always able to add a shipment or put your subscription on hold if you're getting backed up or headed on vacation (but don't forget to pack the coffee)!

  • Always 10% off

    Our subscription is priced 10% lower than if one was to purchase stand alone bags from our webstore. That's several hundred in savings per year if you're receiving a shipment every two weeks!

  • Your very own coffee concierge

    Got a new grinder that's giving you trouble? Trying to figure out a new brew method? We're here for it all. By joining the Unity Coffee Club, you'll get a dedicated channel to our team, who's here to help wherever we're able!

  • Freebies for all

    On top of your order, you receive freebies every week. This could be from a dial-in roast of the new coffee we just got in, a tool or trinket from one of our equipment partners, or just a coffee we think you might like to try. Our treat!