Kata Muduga Union

Agaro, Oromia, Jimma Zone, Ethiopia

From our importer, Crop to Cup:

In 2009, Technoserve, an international nonprofit that promotes business solutions to poverty in the developing world by linking people to information, capital and markets, began working in Ethiopia on a two-fold mission. Their goals were to (1) improve the value (quality) of coffees produced and (2) to make sure the farmers of that coffee were receiving a higher percentage of the value they were creating. Since 2009, 60+ washing stations have been created, alongside the ongoing field-work and support of Technoserve’s Jimma staff. The approach has been successful by all accounts. Farmers own their own equipment (financed and paid down over time), they negotiate their selling prices, and pay a small commission for processing and export (5% commission + costs). With the quality support and feedback from the Technoserve cuppers in Jimma, they grow better coffee and keep more of the value of that coffee.

Kata Muduga and the coops it represents are a textbook illustration of smallholder success in specialty. Every year we wish we could find more customers for these delicate, sweet cups – knowing the rich legacy and courageous past of these producers who took their futures into their own hands.

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